My Everyday Makeup Routine

I love to watch makeup and makeup routines; it is one of my most favorite things. And, thankfully, I have been blessed to watch and learn from THE Clay Spann! I want to share a little bit about my everyday makeup routine that is useful for attending early morning appearances!

1. Moisturizer and primer are necessities for me. If I do not take these steps, my makeup does not last. Take time to do this, it makes a total difference!

2. Foundation and concealer are always key! Then, I set my concealer with setting powder and I let it bake into my skin for a bit.

3. Applying bronzer and blush to make cheeks and cheekbones makes the hugest difference on my face! Make sure your bronzer is good for your skin tone and matches your undertones! Choose a blush color that goes with your skin well, too.

4. Eyeshadow! Depending on the day, I will do an all matte look or I may add some shimmer to my lid. Shimmers make your eyes pop, but all mattes are beautiful when you smoke them out in the outer corner! Find what you love and go with it.

5. Eyeliner and mascara are crucial! This typically completes your eye look and makes your eyes stand out. I NEVER leave home without mascara on! Plus, you can always pop on a pair of lashes! Another very important step is filling in your eyebrows. Make sure you fill them in with a shade that matches your natural color well.

6. Lastly, and most importantly, make sure your lips are lined and colored. That step completes every makeup look!

I hope this is insightful for a simple, everyday makeup routine. These steps will create a face that is ready to conquer the day!

Madeline Grace Wright
Miss Teen International 2019


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