Washington, DC Trip

“One person can make a difference and everyone should try.” John F. Kennedy

This past December, I had the opportunity to visit Washington DC to meet with Senator Kevin Cramer and also to be a guest on the Sash Says podcast. DC is a place I have been eager to visit and I was thrilled that it was for a big reason. One of my missions as Miss International is to help promote policies that improve mental healthcare not just in my home state of North Dakota but nationwide and worldwide. I was thrilled to be presented with the opportunity to speak with Senator Kevin Cramer to discuss my job as Miss International and what I do as a suicide prevention advocate. As a titleholder and advocate I feel that it is important to use those positions for a greater purpose. I know first hand how difficult, confusing and expensive it is to find proper mental health care so I want to help promote the policies that will make then process easier and more effective.

I met with Senator Cramer on December 4th at the United States Capitol. I was SO NERVOUS! This was my first time in Washington DC and I was heading to our Nation’s Capitol to meet with a Senator. Waiting for our meeting was agonizing, not only was it freezing but I wanted to ensure that I said all that I needed to say.

Senator Cramer was incredibly kind to meet with me as he was scheduled to speak on the senate floor (which I watched) 10 minutes after our discussion. He actively listened to my story and what my mission was. It was encouraging to hear that mental health was a focus for him and our government. He stated that improvements have been made but there is still a long way to go to ensure that our people have the resources they need and care that is effective and accessible.

After my meeting, we were invited to sit in on the House and Senate. We were escorted into the Capitol and through security (which is rather difficult with a crown) then watched Senators and Congressmen at work. It was fascinating to see how our country is run how how the whole system of our country works.

After my meeting, I was able to enjoy the beautiful city. I visited the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, viewed the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and the Constitution at the National Archives, and even saw Dorothy’s infamous Ruby Slippers at the American History Museum. My absolute favorite place that I visited was the American History Museum, not only were here priceless artifacts like the Star Spangled Banner but there were props from movies and items from celebrities like Mohammad Ali’s boxing gloves.

Although the trip was full of fun, I still had some work to do. My final night in DC I had a podcast interview with Leah Hadder from Sash Says podcast. We discussed my year as Miss International and what my experience has been like. It was a wonderful interview where I had the opportunity to share some of my favorite moments so far throughout my year and share my plans for what’s to come. So be sure to look up Sash Says to hear this exclusive interview!

Overall my trip to DC was a success! It was a fantastic place to spend one of my final trips in 2019! I am looking forward to seeing how mental health care is improved in 2020 and am eager to continue raising awareness throughout the rest of my reign.

Ava Hill
Miss International 2019


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