Some of Madeline's Favorite Things

*Coffee from Starbucks! I discovered a sugar free coffee that I love! A coffee frappe with almond milk, stevia, and sugar free french vanilla! It is so yummy and is for the days when you’re wanting a sweeter drink.

*Charlotte Tillbury has a lipstick that I have fallen in love with! It is the perfect nude for your everyday makeup look! The name of the lippie is Hepburn Honey; you should definitely check it out!

*Luggage tags are becoming an obsession (it’s a slight problem!) I enjoy finding new ones to put on my luggage and they are great gift to grab for your girlfriends!

*Homesick candles are THE cutest! You can get different ones with different city names. Mine says New York City because that is my favorite place, but there are so many cities to choose from! Get your favorite or buy your friend one with their favorite city on it! It is a perfect gift!

These are just a few of my favorite things! I hope you go get a coffee and shop for some new girly items!

Madeline Grace Wright
Miss Teen International 2019


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