Last Words on Go Red

The beauty of pageantry is that you are given the opportunity to learn about causes which you may have otherwise been clueless about.  I didn’t know much about heart disease before I became involved with the International System.  I knew the basics from commercials, but I really did not know about prevention, signs, legislation and the rate of survival.   As a woman, I was undereducated about the illness that affects more women than any other.  My journey of education and subsequent advocacy highlights the importance of the alliance between International Pageants and Go Red for Women.  But for this alliance, I may have learned about heart disease the hard way.

I hope that we have learned together.  With each blog that I wrote about heart disease, I learned something new.   I am a nerd at heart and tree hugger by nature so I jump on any opportunity to advocate on behalf of a cause.  It has been my pleasure to advocate on behalf of the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women Campaign.  With the knowledge that I have gained, I can continue to educate myself and others.   Thank you to the AHA for providing International Pageants with such an amazing national platform and avenue for promotion.


Ciji Dodds
Miss International 2011


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