My Story, My Life

If we were introduced when I was a little girl, I would have told you I was a figure skater. As the youngest of six children in a small town in Minnesota, I grew up skating on the outdoor ice rink next to the elementary school and the pond that my father flooded on our property for all the kids in the neighborhood to enjoy. By the time I was 12, my parents were driving me 100 miles round trip to the skating lessons and through my teenage years my father woke me at 3:45am daily so I could skate from 5:30 to 7:30am before school.

As a competitive skater who turned professional at the age of 20, I learned discipline, perseverance, as well as, physical and psychological control. It was also through competitive skating that I learned how to be a good competitor, which has served me well in my professional life and pageantry. We can only control ourselves; therefore, competing is about being our best and being willing to accept the results as interpreted by those with whom we are willing to be judged.

If we were introduced when I was in my twenties, I would have told you I was an entrepreneur who understands the incredible responsibility and privilege associated with employing people and building a business. Growing up in a small family owned company, I knew enough to be dangerous. Between my junior and senior year at a liberal arts college, majoring in Psychology with a plan to become a Sports Psychologist, I elected to complete an independent study for a communications credit that introduced a new and innovative product to the construction industry. The result was the founding of Simplex Construction Supplies, Inc., a national award winning construction products company, which celebrated its 25th Anniversary on July 21, 2012.

If we were introduced in my thirties, I would have told you I was a burn survivor. In 1994, I chartered a helicopter to fly over a construction site. I survived a horrific helicopter crash, but not without enduring severe burns to 40% of my body when the helicopter exploded while I was still belted inside. Today, I am proud to serve as an Officer on the National Board of Trustees for the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors, as a trained volunteer for Survivors Offering Assistance in Recovery (SOAR) program, and as an international speaker for the American Burn Association, the World Burn Congress, and various community groups.

If we were introduced today, I would tell you I am a graduate of Harvard Business School, who treasures the friendships forged with classmates who made the cultural experience every bit as important as the academic challenge. I am married to the love of my life Joseph and we have an adorable Maltese dog named Tonka. We live in an historic former flour mill built in the 1800’s along the banks of the Mississippi River and St. Anthony falls in downtown Minneapolis. And last but certainly not least, it is with great humility, that I share with you that I am honored and blessed to represent accomplished and generous married women from around the world as Mrs. International 2012!

With love and gratitude,

Sarah Bazey
Mrs. International 2012


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