Summer Reading!

The end of the school year does not have to mean the end of reading.  All too often, children lose literacy skills gained throughout the year during the summer.  But studies have consistently shown that summer reading is critical to maintaining literacy skills and building new ones.  The Washington Post just published a great article with tips on how to make summer reading fun.  Here are just a few.

1. Blog about it!:  Blogging is a great way to integrate technology and reading.  Encourage your child to create a blog and post weekly reviews of the books that they have read.  It will help their critical thinking skills because not only will they have to read and summarize, they will also have to analyze and respond to posts.

2. Re-write a story:  Encourage your child to adapt a story and make it their own.  By changing the plot line and characters, children become better writers.  For example, take Little Red Riding Hood and add a modern twist.  Put her in present day D.C. and watch the fun begin!

3. Act it out!:  Encourage your child to turn their favorite book into a play.  The process of playwriting helps them develop multiple literacy and critical thinking skills.

These are just a few.  For more, check out


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