After the Crown

Although I am feeling a large range and mix of emotions about giving up my crown, I am excited about my plans after the crown. Sometimes, I think people see titleholders as these perfect “celebrity” like people who live glamorous and stress free lives. For me, that is certainly not the case. But I must admit, this past year, as Miss International was pretty fantastic thanks to the support of my family and sponsors.

I was able to leave my part time job as a Mental Health worker at Catholic Charities caring for 18 mentally ill adults during the grave yard shift from 11pm to 7am every weekend, as well as put school on hold for a semester to focus all my efforts on my travels and appearances. Not every titleholder has the ability and support to do that and it is certainly not required, so I consider myself very blessed. But before the crown I was an average college girl trudging around campus in sweatpants and a messy bun, eating Ramen Noodles and Easy Mac.

Transitioning from this fabulous year back to “normal life” will be challenging I am sure.  In order to save money this year I moved home from school and in with my parents. Which has its advantages, and disadvantages for a 24-year-old young woman looking for independence. I love the free laundry and healthy cooking though!

In August I will start going back to Graduate school, working on my Masters at Alfred Adler a small specialty psychology Institute. I am looking forward to getting back into my art and art therapy and further developing my professional skills. I will also be job hunting as soon as my crown is handed over to a new titleholder. Job-hunting is not the most enjoyable process but I am eager to get back into the routine of having a job, and a paycheck of course. I am hoping to find a job that utilizes the skills I have gained through this year.

Because of my title, I have been asked to start volunteering as co-host of a children’s television show produced and broadcasted throughout the Minnesota Children’s Hospital. We play live games and have the kids call in and chat with us about different topics and next month I will be giving live princess lessons. It is a great way for the kids to feel connected and apart of something every week.  I will be working closely with the Child Life Specialist, which is ultimately the job I want someday!  Hopefully my creative skills and compassionate heart will impress them enough to hire me as their assistant, fingers crossed!

Other than getting back into school and work, I have tried to keep the next phase of my life open and free. This past year has been very structured and organized so having some free time to catch up with friends at the lake or go on a spontaneous road trip will be a welcomed way of living. I will of course continue to mentor through the Free Arts Minnesota program as well as volunteer at local Go red events, American Heart Association events, and advocating for the benefits of art and art education in my state. In the next phase of my life I see myself doing more one on one personal work instead of being in the public eye so much. Instead of speaking to an entire audience about art and creative expression, I want to personally help someone find their voice through art and use it to heal for the rest of their lives. Finishing my education will be the first step towards that new way of sharing my purpose.

“It’s not what you do, but how much love you put into it that matters.”
― Rick Warren, The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here for?

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Krista Wanous
Miss International 2012


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