Competition Week: Your Best "You"

As you make last minute preparations for the 2013 Miss Teen International pageants, you are probably packing tons of gorgeous gowns, fabulous make-up, and your favorite hair styling tools. You may have remembered to bring a sewing kit, extra earrings, and other last minute necessities. However, the most valuable thing you can bring to competition is your very best "you"!!

What exactly does that mean? Well, to be your best, you must be at peace with any outcome, have a positive self image, and come to the competition with a selfless goal in mind. Need some explanation?

Well, when I say, "be at peace with any outcome," I mean that you need to mentally prepare yourself for any outcome and know in you heart that a crown WILL NOT CHANGE YOU! No, the crown does not have super powers. It won't make you more talkative or more beautiful. It will, however, open more doors for you to serve people all over the world! You should also be prepared to win!! Ask yourself, "What would be my ultimate goal as Miss Teen International 2013?" If you are blessed with this beautiful Earthly crown, you will be ready to put your fabulous plan into action!

You should also have a positive self image. The Lord made us all beautiful and unique in very different ways! No, we don't all have the same color hair or the same body types, but in the end, none of that really matters! If you let your inner beauty shine, it will radiate outward and glorify God in all that you do!

Finally, come with a selfless goal in mind! If you come to the pageant simply wanting to win the crown, you will miss out on countless opportunities! If you come to the pageant with a servant's heart, you will have the opportunities to touch so many lives, raise awareness about your platform, and possibly gain more volunteers for your organization! What more could you ask for? I also made so many amazing friends last year that I am still in touch with because we weren't focused on the competition but rather on making lasting memories!

All my love,



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