Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts Gala is the American Heart Association’s longest running event! The late Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Crump developed the concept in 1964, which began as a community service project within the Tri-Cities area in Tennessee. Today the event has evolved into a prestigious honor and has raised over $2.25 million dollars!

The event commenced with a reception hour, prior to a very nice buffet dinner, a short program was hosted by the beautiful Amy Lynn from News Channel 11 (who happens to be another Minnesota girl!), Whitney Allen-Carr shared some remarks, I was asked to make some comments, along with the daughter of the Crumps. Finally, the “Queen of Hearts” was named and then the music & dancing began. It was a fun evening and the ladies looked fabulous with their handsome escorts!

Queen of Hearts 2013!

Most impressive, these lovely young ladies who competed for the “Queen of Hearts” collectively raised $62,500 for the AHA! Thank you to Whitney, Lauren, and Pam for allowing me to participate in this wonderful tradition.

Hope you enjoy the photos:

Danika and Lauren

The lovely Whitney 

With Pam

With Amy  

Successful fundraising!

Loved his bow tie!

Beautiful young ladies!

Congratulations to all the young ladies who participated and the organizers who continue to carry on the Queen of Hearts!

Sarah Bazey
Mrs. International 2012


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