Forgiveness is one of the the hardest things to give away but also one of the things our heart needs the most. It is impossible to be beautiful in character toward someone if we are harboring hurt, resentment, or anger. No matter how much we try and fake that we’re okay… at some point… it will show. Our heart is compromised because of feelings. Unfortunately, we can’t always trust our feelings alone. We have to trust the Holy Spirit to lead us and walk in obedience to the forgiveness He calls us to extend. It’s not easy but when it happens… it is beyond worth it.

I’ve learned that there comes a time when it doesn’t matter who was “right” or “wrong”… all that matters is that God has called us to forgive and love. We can do that - even when it’s hard because God did it for us. It’s not worth fighting about things to be “right”. People’s emotions and feelings are their own. If someone feels a certain way, no amount of fighting or arguing back will take that feeling away. We must respect how we’ve made them feel and apologize for making them feel that way. Is it worth questioning it or telling them how they feel? No way!

We have to accept that something we’ve done has caused this and apologize. 
However… usually the feelings go two ways. We have to forgive them too. If we do not… the hurt, resentment and anger will be a plague to our true beauty. 

The enemy of our heart will tell us that we’ve been wronged too and need to be upset. Jesus will tell us that we all fall short and can extend forgiveness and love because God gave it to us. I’ve seen that when these negative feelings from the enemy take hold of my heart… I’m not the most beautiful Amanda I can be. No amount of make-up can cover a bitter or angry heart. It takes God to fix a heart like that and a level of peace and forgiveness can be reached when we walk in obedience.

Forgiveness must be extended both ways for a relationship to be cultivated. If it doesn’t though… that’s okay! You can forgive someone in your heart… and it may never be reciprocated. God gave His only son, because He loves us deeply, knowing that we may never choose Him back.

Choose to forgive and choose to be beautiful.

Redefining Beauty Worldwide,

Amanda Moreno
Miss International 2016


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