Stop and Ask

With our new Television partnerships.

Up until last week, I thought “One day I'll live in China, then South Korea, as well as Africa!” And I was serious, I've been saying for years, and I truly meant it. For the last few years I've had dreams, visions and many confirmations saying that I would be doing great things in those areas of the world.

Due to the fact that Sean and I had built orphanages in the past...I thought it meant that at some point, I would be building an orphanages in those countries. Then, I thought perhaps it was about me bringing baby boxes to those countries…

Well, last week it all made sense. As I was walking through this enormous room, filled with booth after booth of Christian TV stations, radio, film and movie producers, publishers, you name it! And I stopped and asked directions, I asked the Lord “where should I go?”

Then I saw this Asian station, and was immediately drawn to it. I spoke with them and BOOM! We were gonna be on their station! In South Korea!

Then I was walking around again and I was drawn to this African station, I went and spoke to them…And BOOM. We are gonna be playing all over the continent of Africa, and parts of Europe!

This happened over and over. When I realized how I was being led, the pattern, I was amazed. Everywhere that I had felt led to, I'm now gonna be on TV in those countries! And for free, our show doesn't pay for any of its air time, and that's unheard of! But God always provides it for us. Cause you see, God will meet you at your level of faith, and that was ours.

Now that doesn't mean that I won't be doing other things in those countries. But what's amazing is, what happened to me... My desire to move out to those countries juust left!

In all seriousness, it was like, when I finally understood what it all meant, I was blown-away... And then, I didn't WANT to move out there, the desire just left!

I don't think I ever truly wanted to, I think I was just obedient enough to do it if God wanted me to.

And God honored that obedience, and He intervened. Think about it, I was about to move to Belize, and He intervened! How amazing is that!?

So now I ask you, have you asked for directions lately?

I'm your Mrs International reminding you-




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