The Importance of Inspiration

This blog post may be cheesy but I am a firm believer that it is so important to constantly be working to better yourself. In order to do that however, you need inspiration. I recently re-designed my room and filled it with inspirational quotes and cute messages. This is just one easy way to get inspired! Here are a few of the quotes that are in my room!

“She has sparkle all her own”

I have loved this quote for years, it is a good reminder that it is okay ad even important to be different and stand out in a crowd. Everyone has their own calling, follow yours not anyone else’s!

I WILL BE… Alert, Agreeable, Ambitious, Alluring, Active, Brave, Bright, Bold, Capable, Cheerful, Calm, Charming, Confident, Cooperative, Courageous, Caring, Cultured, Decisive, Discreet, Delightful, Determined, Dynamic, Diligent, Eager, Efficient, Enchanting, Energetic, Enthusiastic, Excellent, Fabulous, Faithful, Fair, Fearless, Fine, Friendly, Generous, Gentle, Glorious, Good, Happy, Helpful, Impartial, Industrious, Intelligent, Jolly, Kind, Loving, Lucky, Likable, Mature, Nice, Peaceful, Placid, Pleasant, Proud, Plucky, Quiet, Receptive, Resolute, Reflective, Responsible, Romantic, Sensitive, Sincere, Successful, Talented, Thoughtful, Trustworthy, Tender, Truthful, Upright, Vivacious, Warm, Willing, Wise, Witty, Wonderful… WOW

This to me is a really important and very useful for interview! One question a contestant should always prepare for is “ What are three words you would use to describe yourself?” This is a list of adjectives you may want to use to describe yourself. I think everyone should learn to be a dynamic person. As a titleholder it is extremely important to also be adaptable and positive!

Another way to find inspiration is by following different positive quote accounts on Twitter or Instagram. Social media can focus on the negative from time to time so, it’s important to fill your feed with positivity Remember you have the choice of who you follow, you have the power to make your feed positive or negative.

"Success is not measured by what you accomplish but by the opposition you have encountered and the courage with which you have maintained the struggle against overwhelming odds."

-Orison Swett Marden

Garin Harris
Miss Teen International 2016


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