Nothing Happens By Chance

There is no such thing as chance. How crazy is that? Where you are - who you meet - what you see… it’s all for a reason. It may not make sense now. It may not make sense a year from now. There will come a day when you see the pieces fit together and see your pain turn into purpose… and your test turn into a testimony… your small encounter turn into someone’s comeback. There will come a time when you realize why you met that person and had them in your life for whatever extent of time.

It’s a beautiful opportunity we have to pour into each person we encounter and love them well. Your words and actions could change the trajectory of their day. It’s a powerful and beautiful responsibility. However, without looking closely… we could miss the entire opportunity. We could completely miss our ability to change the world or a person’s life. Our words and actions could be careless and then we didn’t fulfill our purpose because we were so focused on our life that we couldn’t take time to lift up others.

Do you realize that the barista who made your Starbucks had a purpose in your life and you had a purpose in theirs?

Do you realize that the person who is sitting next to you at church could use an encouraging word and warm smile?

Do you realize that, although it seems random, the person who got grouped with you for a project may need you to show them your faith?

Each person - each moment - each encounter…. there is an ordained purpose. We can step into it or miss out on the big opportunity to be part of what Jesus is doing. Instead of just rushing by and seeing bodies… I encourage you to see people. Look into their heart and consider how you can bless them! You have no idea what your words, warm embrace or smile can do for them. Compliment their attire, ask about their life, invest in them!

You’ve been placed in this moment… this day… this location… this encounter… for a purpose. Step into this moment and the bigger story! Your true beauty has the ability to change the world.

Redefining Beauty Worldwide,

Amanda Moreno
Miss International 2016


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