Hope for the Hopeless

When you think of Safe Haven Baby Boxes, many of you think of the boxes and that's probably it.

However, Safe Haven Baby Boxes isn't JUST boxes, we are sooo much more!

We provide hope for the hopeless.

Safe Haven has a 24 hour hotline with some of the most qualified women, ready to help anyone on the other line. We have women counselors that have been doing this for over 40 years! Ready to help at anytime sometimes several times a day, their phone lines are constantly ringing.

In our first year alone we help 949 women through our hotline alone!

Most of the moms that call in are scared, maybe they're angry. And I can assure you, many of them are not thinking rationally... They don't know who to go to.

That's why this hotline is so important, it gives them the help they need, with complete anonymity.

These mothers are more likely to listen to someone who doesn't know them, who doesn't judge them, and who will take the time to help them.

That's what our counselors do: they listen, they counsel, they love, they don't judge.. And they’re saving lives EVERYDAY.

Many people get mad at the idea of us helping the mothers, but we what we need to understand is this. We don't know what situation these mothers are in... They could be young, alone, homeless, an addict. They could have been raped, molested, they could be a sex-slave...We as a society, need to have the utmost compassion for these mothers in crisis.

However, that's not all Safe Haven does, they work relentlessly to change laws, to pass baby bills. They're constantly working to fix the laws in states where Safe Haven laws are failing us.

They also provide pamphlets all over the US, educating in dozens of states about Safe Haven Laws, and therefore, saving the lives of babies…(Although they might never even hear about those.)

They educate, they raise awareness, they prevent, they work to change our laws….They travel all over the world doing this, and none of them are paid! That's right, it's 100% volunteer run. So that means that 100% of all the donations that go to this 501c3 go to good use!

People think it's just about the baby boxes, but it's so much more!

I really do love that they're worried about the mothers, and that their mission isn't just to save the babies….But to save the mothers from jail time as well!

That is why they created the baby boxes as a last resort option.

NO NAME, NO BLAME, NO SHAME!! That's what we offer. Hope for the mother, and a good life with a loving family, for the baby.

We are here for you!


I'm your Mrs International reminding you-


Priscilla Pruitt


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