Mommy Opportunities

"Mommy why is the beast so mean?" My 5 year old daughter asks me while watching Disney's original Beauty And The Beast. I answer her gently, "Well, he needs love, his “love tank” is empty! Watch what happens when Belle shows him love..."

"He turns nice?" Adonai asks. "Yes, he does. You see, just like the beast, when kids or grown ups are mean...It's probably cause they need love." Adonai jumps in, "Just like the beast!" "Exactly!" I exclaimed.

Everyday we are presented with opportunities just like this, to either feed our kid's minds or to brush them off. As parents it's easy to lose sight of our number one job- Teaching our kids!

That's not their teacher’s job, it's OUR job. We're their first teachers. Teachers and schools should be secondary to us parents. When they ask questions, (although it can get annoying at times) take the time to listen, and answer them with love. I can assure you, the teacher doesn't love them as much as we do, plus she has at least a dozen other kids to answer to.

We should be the one to feed their minds.

Life isn't promised, it's here and gone in a flash. Enjoy these opportunities to develop your kids minds, to build a strong bond where your child feels he CAN talk to you. It's a true blessing, please don't take it for granted.

I'm your Mrs International reminding you-



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