The Little Things

Having my girls home for Spring break has been such a blessing...

I had forgotten how happy it makes my heart feel to hear the noise, the laughter, and even the arguments of having all 6 kids home.

I missed the girl talks with my two oldest, talking pageantry, fitness, and BOYS! I love cooking together, spending time in the kitchen talking around the table, as a family.

The little things!

We Americans, are so over stimulated, we don't make time to sit back and enjoy life.

I'm guilty of that myself. But having missed my girls so much, it forced me to savor every waking moment. And I realized, "Why don't I do this more often!?" Well, “cause I'm too busy, I don't make time for it”.....Yadda, yadda.

But the truth of the matter, it's worth it! We are only punishing ourselves.

Take the time to enjoy life, to cherish the little things, to slow down. In doing so, you'll not only feel happier, but you're also reducing stress...And you'll be healthier! Remember stress kills, but a grateful heart, brings life!

I'm your Mrs International reminding you-



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