I’ve had a lot of 2018 contestants ask me very specific questions on my journey to Mrs. International 2017 that brings me to this very important topic: Be-YOU-tiful! I’ve had questions on how to make the Child Advocacy Center their platform, how I created my APP, If they could see my platform page, my specific fitness program, and mention that they were looking for a white gown at trunk show, the list goes on. This made me think of how very important all these questions were, but that they all had only one common denominator: ME. What they all had in common was me, Mrs. International 2017. But what is most important is what they do NOT have any relevance too… Mrs. International 2018! 

Questions and advice for preparation is exactly how I prepared for 2017. Being an at-large contestant that’s exactly how I prepared. I relied on these answers and advice from the national office, our sponsors, and returning contestants. But what I did not do is try to be like anyone else, fit a mold. Every International queen is remarkably different. You will be too. So I wanted to express how important is to be YOU. Do it your way. Do what works for you. You do not have to wear white to win, your platform and plan should not be similar. A matter of fact I think that’s what helped me a little bit, was being different. Little things like how different my platform page was from everyone else’s, and that I was doing me, not similar to any existing or past titleholder. I am very comfortable in my skin, I’ve been through allot in life and it took me years to get there, but I know exactly who I am. I do things the way I know how and what works best for me, I know my strengths and my weaknesses, and I know the things I like the most, I compete off my strengths.

My advice for any contestant competing for the 2018 titles, is to be YOU. Be “Be-YOU-tiful” you! THIS will make you stand out. Not being a mirror image of a past queen, or like anyone else, because we’re all different. The things I’ve done and am doing people now have seen, so be unique, be you. Be confidently you and make your journey to the crown for 2018, specially yours.

Turning Broken Into Brave,

Your Mrs. International 2017

Melissa Pocza


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