How to Give Yourself a Pep-Talk!

What happens when your morning is not going smoothly, you’re feeling frazzled, but you have to be cool calm and collected at an appearance in 20 minutes? Before you rush out the door in a panic, take a few seconds to speak positively to yourself in the mirror. It may feel a little strange the first few times you try, but I promise you’ll learn how to quickly regroup yourself and bring your confidence back.

Step one: take a few deep breaths

Step two: stand with strong posture directly facing the mirror

Step three: look yourself in the eyes

Step four: smile

Step five: say three positive affirmations to yourself out loud.

Here is a real life example of a pep talk I would give myself before an exam during grad school.

“Kelsey, you are smart and hard working. You’ve spent plenty of time on this material to successfully pass this test. Trust that you know the information and go with your gut when selecting an answer. You will pass!”

Without fail, I would leave my home feeling more prepared and less anxious for anything that could be thrown at me.

Next time you’re feeling nervous or stressed try saying a few key phrases to get yourself focused on a positive end result. You may be surprised at the impact this can have!

In health and happiness,

Miss International 2017

Kelsey Craft


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