Arkansas Heart Walk

During my visit to Arkansas, I had the opportunity to participate in the Heart Walk! Christina, Mrs. Arkansas International 2010 made sure I was up and out the door at 7am. It was 37 degrees but that didn’t stop us! Hundreds were in attendance and we had everybody moving! I started the event by sharing some “key points” on how to get heart healthy!

Congratulations to the Arkansas contestants who raised $1000.00 for their team!

Make it your mission! Tell 5 women you love you want them to LIVE!

Christina & I giving Zumba our best! A ton of healthy fun and worked wonders as far as warming us up in the 37 degree weather!

Some of the contestants excited about Zumba...get moving to stay heart healthy!

My favorite exercise of the day...Zumba!

Here's the PROOF! I ran (well, most of the race). I am not a runner but I tried and that counts!

So excited to be walking again! Any type of exercise makes your heart smile! Just get moving!

LOVE your heart! Listen to it! Eat a healthy diet, exercise (you don't have to run)...KNOW your numbers! Tell your loved ones you want them to live! Heart Disease is the #1 Killer. The good news...we have the power to change that statistic!

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Shannon Devine


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