Muffins for Moms

The greatest LOVE story of all time continues…

Being Mrs. International is a job of service. It’s about making a difference in the lives of others. I have been encouraged each day through this system to continue my passion “Building Families through the Miracle of Adoption”. Halle-Grace continues to amaze me daily! We have shared so many amazing memories this year and I am forever grateful to the International Pageant System for the opportunity to SHINE a brighter light on adoption.

Last week I had the honor of attending “Muffins with Moms” with Miss Magic. Halle-Grace was so excited that mommy was going to school with her for a special treat. Here are some memories of our special morning together. As you will read, she feels connected to the International Pageant as well. At three years old, she knows we work hard at the “pageant”.

Mrs. Sheri told all of the mothers in attendance, “Moms, I write down exactly what your child says”. I was excited to be prettier than a dinosaur (John Michael’s words to his mom), and considering ice cream is her favorite treat, I was filled with excitement when she said “Mom is sweeter than ice cream”. My heart was filled with emotion when she remembered ME giving her a bottle! Being a mother through the miracle of adoption, there are times when I feel that I missed out on the “little things” during the first 9 months of her life. Then her magical personality reminds me that being a mom is about love!

Halle-Grace was so excited to present me with the special “flower” she made.

Her tiny hands and beautiful face, a gift I will forever cherish.

Another favorite memory of our morning together… Halle-Grace took her first photo of us together with my iPhone. You can see in her face her concentration and in my expression, “PLEASE do not drop my phone”. She’s adorable!

And finally, I HAD to include her thoughts about her daddy! Her preschool closes for the summer months so they had a “Donuts with Dad” morning as well. Funny, huh?!

She continues to sprinkle her magic everywhere she goes!

Until next post, remain blessed!



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