Dove Movement for Self-Esteem

Growing up, Friday nights were always family nights which might have involved either grocery shopping, watching our favorite TV Show (Night Rider), playing board games or attending a high school game. Either way, we were always together and having fun. So it was heartwarming for me to be part of a very special event involving mom's and daughter's this past Friday night.

Over 150 girls registered to take part in the first event to empower girls in Charlotte to grow up with positive self-esteem and the confidence to be beautiful. So many beautiful young ladies full of hope and excitement! This free event extends throughout the weekend and Friday was just the beginning. Each attendee received a bingo card so they could visit five different self-esteem stations. My role was polishing nails at the "Hope" station. I loved it. And, I signed "Mrs. Int'l" on the bingo card which the girls thought was cool.

I am still in awe of the numerous smiles and excitement my crown brings to others. Before the event started, I took a ride in the elevator to the lobby to help distributing name tags and as soon as the elevator doors opened there were 4 little girls standing there who had been talking and giggling and they just stopped and staired. (That scene in Monsters Inc where the squeeky toy gets picked up by their "leader," the claw - that was the look in their eye.) So I quickly bent down to their level and started talking with them and let them touch the crown. I still get the question,"Do you have magical powers," so I think that means I'll have to learn a couple magic tricks that kids would think is cool?

Looking ahead, I'll be at Day 2 of the Dove event and then heading to Talladega to spend race day with Joey Retherford's mother and family. More pictures to come!
Janet Bolin


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