Queen’s Corner Q&A

Welcome to the Queen’s Corner.  Below are 3 questions that I get asked on an almost daily basis.  Let’s get started!
What is your favorite book?
Because of my platform, I get this question all of the time! I don’t have a favorite book because I love so many books for different reasons.  Instead, I have a “Favorites List,” that gets shuffled and rearranged periodically. However, one book has stayed at the top of my Favorites List for a couple of years now.  Oh, the Places You’ll Go! by Dr. Seuss. 
I love this book because it is a children’s book with an invaluable and timeless message.  The first time that I read it was when I was in law school, and I could not believe how it accurately described the challenges and obstacles that I had already overcome and that I was facing.  There is an element of honesty to this book that speaks directly to your heart and mind, and makes you feel like you are receiving sage advice from your grandmother. Whenever I meet a challenge or am feeling out of sorts, I read this book to help me maintain the proper perspective.   
Who is your favorite designer?
Surprise…I don’t have a favorite!  But, if I had to choose 5 (I thought about choosing 3 but that would be entirely too difficult!),  in no particular order they would be:  Badgley Mischka, Elie Tahari, Karen Millen, Ralph Lauren and YSL.
What is the most challenging aspect of being Miss International?
That is an easy question; the most challenging aspect of being Miss International is definitely the time management aspect.  Juggling competing obligations is always difficult.  Pile on that being a national titleholder and a young professional and my juggling act begins to look a bit like Cirque du Soleil.  You would be surprised at the number of people who think that being Miss International is my full time job.  So when I tell them that it’s not and that I have a regular full time job, they are amazed. 
Balancing it all is especially difficult to do when you are in the public eye.  As a titleholder, I agreed to a year of service and the thought of fulfilling those obligations, along with the personal goals that I set for my reign is overwhelming. I am constantly worrying about whether I am dedicating enough time to my platform, fully promoting the system and being responsive to the phone calls, texts, emails and facebook messages that I receive on a daily basis. I’ve learned that the best way to manage everything is to take it one day at time and to not sweat the small stuff (thanks mom!).
Ciji Dodds
Miss International 2011


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