CBS WCCO TV Interview

In 1995, the local Minneapolis/St. Paul CBS Affiliate – WCCO 4 News won a national award for the documentary they created about the helicopter crash I survived and my story. Fast forward to August 9, 2012…as I sat in the chair for an interview with Mike Binkley, with a microphone clipped to my sash and my crown in its case on the news desk next to me, I chatted with anchors Mike and Angela as we waited for the producer to count down from the commercial break to returning to live on-air.

The lights were bright and directed straight at the three chairs behind the news desk. An expansive space filled with cubical style desk arrangements and staff moving about were just feet away. It seemed as though there were computers and televisions in every direction. There was also a window directly behind our chairs where pedestrians on Nicollet Mall can view the broadcasts live from outside, making you feel a little like a fish in a fishbowl.

Just as the producer counted down on his fingers and pointed to us, the familiar voice of Don Shelby a long time media personality in the Twin Cities, came over the air questioning how anyone survived such a crash…with video of the wreckage moving across the screens all around me…it took me instantly back to the day. To the moments I recall so clearly, even after 18 years.

For the next few minutes, Mike asked me questions about the importance of attitude, my scars, and he opened the door for me to discuss the Phoenix Society for burn survivors and the Mrs. International title. The interview reached more people than I dreamed possible, as I was immediately contacted through emails, phone calls, and text messages from around Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

Following the interview, as the link hit the internet, the messages started pouring in from around the world. Who knew an interview that lasted less than three minutes could have such an impact. Thank you to Denise O’Handley with WKPR Chicago for making the connection and thank you to WCCO Television for the opportunity!

If you missed it and would like to view the interview, here is the link:

With love and respect,

Sarah Bazey
Mrs. International 2012


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