Little Canada Days Parade

There is nothing like a parade on a perfect summer day! It was my pleasure to ride with the beautiful Gabby Taylor, Miss Teen of Minnesota International, in a classic car along a parade route lined with the residents of Little Canada, Minnesota.

My favorite part of a parade is telling little girls they have on a pretty dress and pointing at little boys and telling them they are handsome! The girls beam and the boys turn their heads trying to hide their smiles…and in every case the Mom and Dad just grin.

As Gabby and I passed the organizers area, we were filmed by six cameras including one camera man on a boom, all filming for the local cable television station. For those viewing, a bio was read by the host sharing information about our pageant titles, our platforms, and highlights of Go Red for Women.

Thank you to our friends in Little Canada, and I hope you enjoy the photos for our sunny day!

With love,

Sarah Bazey
Mrs. International 2012


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