Miss International Prelims

My trip to the Miss International Prelims on Friday evening began with a 5:30 am departure from my first appearance in Hoyt Lakes, Minnesota. It was a four hour drive to Minneapolis to drop Joe at work, check in with my office, and then the six hour drive to Chicago, Illinois. As the miles passed I kept thinking, “Let the travel begin!”

I arrived just in time to have the fabulous Joey Rutherford with The Competitive Image pull together a wonderful look that I nearly jumped into, so that I could get over to the North Shore Center for Performing Arts in time for the show! I was so excited to see my Minnesota Queen Sister, Krista Wanous perform on stage. I believed in my heart from the time I met both Krista and our Miss Teen Minnesota - Gabby Taylor, that both young women had a very good chance to win their respective International titles.

All of the Miss contestants did a fabulous job during prelims, and my favorite part was taking a few minutes to go into the dressing rooms during intermission to meet some of the ladies! It was also a treat to sit in the box with Mary and Mel Richardson, along with other members of my new pageant family, to witness the event from a fabulous vantage point.

I am pictured here after prelims (left to right) with the reigning Miss International, Krista Wanous, myself and Gabby Taylor. What a wonderful evening!

With love,

Sarah Bazey
Mrs. International 2012


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