My Reign

Wearing a banner and a shiny tiara make people take notice. Little girls giggle, little boys smile, and even skeptical adults take a moment size you up. There is nothing more fun in those moments than to learn their names and pose for a picture to capture one life touching another!

If you consider the physical size and weight of the Mrs. International crown, which I would describe as large, heavy, and impressive, it could be argued that the responsibility of the title itself is in direct correlation. Therefore, it seems to me the goals and dreams for my reign this year should be ambitious, and reflective of the spirit of those who have worn the crown before me, as well as, the International Pageant Family.

Here are my goals and dreams for my reign as Mrs. International 2012:

1. To represent the International Pageant System and all that it stands for with an emphasis on the responsibility of truly touching lives around the world. Because I believe everything happens for a reason, it seems clear to me that the combination of current and former International Participants, connections through the Phoenix Society for burn survivors, and my personal relationships throughout the world with Harvard classmates create a network for which I feel compelled to utilize.

2.To promote my platform of Burn Awareness and Education, however, my focus can be as broad as sharing a message about overcoming adversity. More specifically, as a burn survivor myself, promoting the Phoenix Society and a message of “Dare to SOAR, your attitude in life almost always determines your altitude.”

3.To promote the Go Red for Women campaign on behalf of the American Heart Association, as I reach out to people both within and outside the United States. In my humble opinion, a message of thinking heart healthy should have no borders.

Whether it is a wave and a smile or a keynote address, I will do my best to leave a positive and lasting impression wherever I go. If you have read this blog, and our paths cross…please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with me, as my father always told me to trust how people behave, not what they say…and it is my hope you will find my actions match my words.

After my Tiara Magazine interview with Madi Cole

With love,

Sarah Bazey
Mrs. International 2012


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