Cyber Etiquette

As my reign draws nearer to an end, I am constantly thinking of valuable lessons to pass on to the next Miss Teen International and young ladies, in general. The most valuable lesson I have learned in life to always act like a queen. When you wear a crown, all eyes are on you! It is important that as a role model, you set a positive example through your every action.

Although you may not realize it, your social media accounts often provide a first impression to others. Not only do you represent the International Pageants, but you also represent your family, title, and platform. Your language and photo choices reflect your morals and values. Social media accounts can provide an excellent way to market yourself and your platform, raise awareness about issues that are important to you, and even meet queens and others that are active with your platform. Facebook has been a lifesaver for me this year, because I am able to connect with people all over the world!

However, social media accounts can also be negative and even dangerous. As attractive and intelligent young women, it is important to not only set a positive example, but also, to keep yourself safe! You should be conscious about your choice of words and especially careful of the photos you post. Also, it is very important to monitor the amount of information you share about yourself. You may not realize it, but several types of phones and social media accounts sync to show your exact location. Make sure that you have these settings turned off at all times in order to keep yourself safe. Also, you should never accept a friend request from someone that you do not know. It is so simple to click ‘accept’ out of habit, but one click can be very dangerous!

I am confident that you all will make, as my mom says, “smart choices”. I encourage you to utilize all of the wonderful technology that is accessible to you. Simply remember to always present yourself as a classy woman, whether in person or via a computer!

Caroline Crowley


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