Eric Carl Style Pictures with the Healing Family

Our workshop at the Healing Family Foundation was one of my favorites, but I think I would probably say that about all of the workshops I did in Thailand! During recent workshops, we have been doing a lot of craft project and playing a lot of games. We decided that we should have a change of pace so we led a workshop that was focused more on "traditional art".

The idea of the workshop was that we would be making pictures in the style of the artist/author Eric Carl. The first step was that everyone painted a piece of paper so that it had as little white space as possible. This yielded some lovely paintings. I had the pleasure of helping one of our sweetest students. We worked together all afternoon smothering her paper in paint and stamping elephant figures.

While we waited for these to dry, we all sang some of the workshop participant’s new favorite songs, "Baby Bumble Bee" and "Baby Shark".

After the paintings were dry, we cut out shapes and glued them onto another piece of paper to create beautiful pictures of whatever the participants wanted. 

Because we had never done a workshop like this before with The Healing Family, we didn't know how they would react or how well they would do with the assignment. Fortunately, everyone enjoyed the workshop, and the increased allowance for creativity. One man in particular made an exceptionally beautiful picture. 

Thailand stole my heart, 

Krista Wanous
Miss International 2012 


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