Summer Service Projects

Summer is FINALLY here! I am so excited about my family’s upcoming vacation plans and just having a little time to relax. However, I try to always keep in mind the reason God has blessed me with so many wonderful gifts….to serve others! During the warmer months, we have fewer Miracle League and Shane’s Inspiration events. So, sometimes I have to get a little creative with my own summer service projects! Here are a few ideas I have put to use this summer:

- Donate unused clothing to homeless shelters/others in need

Most girls have way too many clothes than their closets can handle. While some clothes can be sold, others can be donated to others in need! Summer vacation is the perfect time to make room for new clothes while helping others!

- Host a “water drive”

When most people think of donating non-perishable items, they think of canned food drives. However, during the warmer months, food banks, summer camps for underprivileged children, and shelters of all kinds are ALWAYS in need of sanitary and easily accessible water.

- Adopt a pet!

In my last blog, I told you all about Tyson! Since being blessed with his sweet nature, I have become a bit of a pet adoption advocate. Summer is the PERFECT time to help keep homeless pets out of the heat and in a cool, comforting home!

- Volunteer at a summer camp

Caroline Crowley


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