Princess Party!

Please allow me to introduce you to Princess Tori, the fairest princess of all! And, all of the other little princesses and one brave firefighter who joined me for cookies and lemonade!

Princess Tori, who happens to be Becky’s adorable niece!

The gowns for the lovely young ladies were supplied by Shari, who was also so very generous with her talent and her studio. We posed for photos and it was hilarious trying to get all the little faces smiling and looking in one direction…you should have seen the cameras, phones, and squeaky toys getting busy!

Princess Party!

Burn survivor Lyle Sathoff joined in on the fun, as well as, some of the race track buffs who were hanging around after the coffee hour hosted by the Thoresons. Lyle’s car was even in the mall, and we captured a couple photos before it was time to go home.

With Connie 

Lyle and his race car 

With Lyle and Tyler

My sincere appreciation again, to all the wonderful people and little princesses who made our visit to Fairmont such a memorable experience!

All my best,

Sarah Bazey
Mrs. International 2012


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