Pageant DVD

Last week I received my DVD of the national competition. I will be honest; I have probably watched it at least five times within the first two days that I had it! It’s a great show, I recommend everyone get a copy, especially if you are a contestant in the 2014 Pageant. This is a great tool to use to prepare for the pageant and get an idea of what you’ll be doing for each phase of competition.

From beginning to end I reminisced on every second of that pageant. By the time we reached crowning, my family and I were a nervous wreck all over again! Even though we knew what happened it was still hard to believe.

I am so grateful for this DVD because it captured a moment that forever changed my life. It means the world to me to have it! And I will more than likely be watching it again tonight!

Love always,

Haley Rose Pontius


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