Time of Giving

It’s during this time of year when many of us spend time with our families and reflect on all of life’s blessings. It is also a time of giving both of good will and in other generous ways.

Some of those who most need that generosity and even a family to love them are our youngest survivors of abuse and neglect. I have just learned from our CASA Lake County office that this silent epidemic is far worse than we could imagine here in Illinois. We are losing more children to abuse than any other time in the last 30 years. It is likely to be reflective of the Unites States and elsewhere. And unfortunately, these children are not numbers. These children are often being tortured and killed by the very people they are supposed to trust. 

At CASA we are dedicated to providing a trained, compassionate advocate to fight for the best interests of these children. One consistent adult who really cares can build a trusting relationship with the child and tell the judge the truth about what is happening in this child’s life. 

  • $20 Helps ensure children get the support they need to adjust to life in a new foster home and school     
  • $50 Helps traumatized children have access to the emotional and medical treatment they need to recover   
  • $100 Helps provide a CASA for abused and neglected children who need a permanent home

Your gift can change the life of an abused child forever. Every contribution counts and it will keep paying forward. On behalf of CASA Lake County, all CASA programs and the children who will be helped…THANK YOU! 

Be the Change!

Amy Gregorio
Your Mrs. International




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