They've Got Soul!

Over the last year working with Soles4Souls our partnership has grown beyond just someone who is passionate about a platform...we are a family.

This is an homage to an absolutely AMAZING group of individuals who have allowed me to speak on their behalf and walk alongside them in the mission to wear out poverty.

Here is the BEST part about them….they celebrate everyone like this and we are ALL treated like Rock Stars!

I THANK YOU SOLES4SOULS for being lovers of people and givers of hope for all equally. You daily support is humbling and I am grateful.

Nicole Atnip, David Graben and Buddy Teaster. Thank you for accepting me as a spokesperson for you seeing the possibilities through our partnership together to change lives globally.

Kelly Modena. Where would I be without you? Your daily support and our brainstorming sessions are amongst my favorite times of the day (or night!). You are a true superhero living it out to wear out poverty.

Tiffany Johnson and Kelly Hoskins. My travel buddies and leaders extraordinaire Love you gals! The world is literally better because of you both!

Soles4Souls stepped up to the plate to Go Red for the AHA 10th anniversary after I asked if they would be willing to help raise awareness Heart Disease is the #1 Killer of Women. 

After learning I had made it on NBC’s American Ninja Warrior to raise awareness for their cause, the staff at HQ sent me this super amazing picture to cheer me on in their best “ninja” pose

Their support through social media was amazing

The support from them through all of the endeavors to Give Shoes and Give Love as a spokesperson for Soles4Souls has been more than I could ever pray for in working with someone.

Live What you Love

Your Mrs. International 2014



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