Life Is Why

As the night settled in, the chatter from 500 women turned to silence. As the event chair Laura Kaputska greeted everyone for the Go Red for Women “Rock the Red” presented by CHI Health, our table took a few deep breaths and final sigh after 9 hours of set-up that was a culmination of months of planning.

Liz Zillig on the left and Lisa McClung on the right from the AHA office lead the two major events held in Lincoln, the Women’s Night Out and the Heart Ball. These ladies are amazing and thanks to Liz’s effort, the Go Red Night sold out weeks before the event!

I’ve been involved with the American Heart Association since late 2012 after seeking to learn more about how as a family we can be healthier due to the history of heart disease that runs in my husband’s family. His dad had his first heart attack at the age of 38. His Grandpa has had a half dozen heart surgeries. We realized we needed to start making some life style changes or this could be his path as well. As I reached out to AHA for information, they asked if I was interested in co-chairing the Go Red passion committee. It has been a fun road and this year it was an honor to join the planning committee for the Go Red night as well.

Our day started at 9am putting finish’s touch’s on grab bags, auction items and various areas of set-up. Many amazing ladies put a lot of time and effort in to this event. The auction committee gathered some amazing items and many items were purchased at the “Buy it Now” price before the auction even ended.

One of my favorite areas was the new “Diva Lounge” with furniture donated by Eakes Office Plus for women to take their “Life is Why” group photos.

While dinner was being served, our table dished out some high fives to celebrate a full room. Women may come for a great ladies night out, but leave with a changed heart often in more ways than one. The Better U Participants “graduated” after their 6 week program to learn heart healthy lifestyles and the Heart Survivor story brought tears to the room.

What is YOUR why?

Live What you Love,

Your Mrs. International 2014



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