Why Does Fitness Wear Matter?

As a potential contestant in the International Pageant System, you may be wondering why the Fitness Wear phase of competition is included. I want to tell you a little more about why it’s included, why I believe it is important, what the judges are looking for, and why it is my favorite phase of competition!

The judges are NOT necessarily looking for the contestant with the best body. They are looking for someone that knows how to take care of herself. In a society where the obesity rates have increased by 30% in the last thirty years, healthy living needs to be a priority for everyone. The “fitness” of the contestant is only part of what the judge looks for. Other criteria to consider are the overall health, spunk, balance, and confidence. They want a fun, energetic, and HEALTHY Miss Teen, Miss, or Mrs. International!

The reason this phase of competition is 20%-30% of the overall score is because it matters! It is not important to be a certain size, but it is important to see that a titleholder cares for her body. A skinny contestant doesn’t mean as much to a judge as a fit one. A toned and healthy figure can show the judges that this girl knows how to set goals for herself. The judges want to see muscle definition because that shows she put effort into being a better version of herself.

This is also important to the International Pageant system because of our platform. Go Red for Women is all about decreasing cases of heart disease in women, and one of the very best ways to do this is by leading a healthy lifestyle. The judges will be taking into consideration that the ladies they select will spend a year promote the American Heart Association as the next Miss, Miss Teen, or Mrs. International. They will definitely be looking for good role models.

There are several reasons why I love this phase. First of all, it is fun!!! For me, it is most relaxed phase of competition. Second, it is refreshing. If you know you honestly put in the work before the pageant to get your body in the shape you want it, you will go on stage knowing you did all you could do. And last, the fitness phase goes hand-in-hand with my platform! Be Proactive, Get Active ties together the entire concept of this phase- being healthy now to prevent future risks like heart disease. It means so much to me that the International Pageants recognize this as well!

Tying for the highest overall fitness score at the national pageant was such an honor. The hard work I put in over the months leading up to the pageant paid off and receiving this award was a true testimony to the efforts I have put into my platform as well.

So how does this all apply to you as a contestant 9 months away from the International Pageant? Well, everyone should start working now! I highly recommend adding regular physical activity into your daily routine and making slow and impactful changes in your diet. By doing this you will become more confident in your body. I look forward to seeing all of our beautiful contestants rock their fitness wear onstage next summer in Jacksonville!

If you believe in something, believe in it all the way!

Blair Wortsmith
Miss Teen International 2014


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