Making New Year Resolutions

How is it that 2016 is just around the corner….can you believe it?! I must say that 2015 was one of my best years, which gives 2016 very big shoes to fill! Typically every year starts off the same for me. I spend the last few weeks of the previous year thinking about my resolutions for the New Year. I write them down in my journal, and then I write them down in my phone (so I have no reason to forget!). My goal is always to accomplish each of the resolutions, but typically there are 1 or 2 that get rolled over to the following year! I do know that some people have resistance to setting resolutions, so I thought I would share some tips as to how I come up with mine as I think it is always important to start the year with goals!

1. Manageable – Make sure that the resolutions you set are manageable and realistic. Although you should always set you goals to set your achievements on the next level, you also want to be realistic. For example, your resolution should not be to travel the world if you do not have the budget for that. Instead, you can make a goal of visiting one new country this year. This will allow the ability to accomplish your goal without feeling like a failure due to unrealistic expectations.

2. Set Resolutions for Different Areas of Life – I try to set a resolution for different aspects of my life as I believe in the “whole” self. For me that means setting a spiritual goal, mental goal and a physical goal. I also set goals that will advance me in my career and other goals that will help my relationships with family and friends. This way every part of your life will have a chance for improvement!

3. Shhh! It’s a secret! – Not everyone is going to support you in the goals that you set for yourself. Do not let other people’ negativity and insecurities affect you setting and accomplishing your goals. Because of this, it is not imperative that you tell everyone you know what your New Year resolutions are. Only tell those who will support you and will hold you accountable.

I hope these tips will help as you think about the year ahead. Can’t wait to see what God has in store!

Wishing you a blessed 2016!

Elise Banks
Miss International 2015


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