New Years Resolutions

January allows us to start the New Year fresh. For many of us that starts by creating a New Year,s Resolution. With the new year, 2016, fast approaching I keep thinking of my New Year's Resolution. A new year means a fresh new start and there is always something you can change about yourself. Even minor changes have just as much of an impact as major changes, whether it's hitting the gym or simply saying hello to everyone you see. Your resolution can be made to impact yourself and you can also make it a priority to impact others daily. You could become a volunteer and log on to to find the organization for you.

I like to think back to my 2015 new years resolution. After the new year, I signed up for Miss Teen Arkansas International. I hit the gym and lost twenty pounds. I studied for interview at home and at school. I practiced modeling every weekend and after a lot of hard work my goal was met. Then a new goal came along, Miss Teen International. I kept exercising, eating right, studying, and modeling. That goal was met on August 1, 2015. So from January 1st to August 1st , I worked very hard to reach my goals and now I am continuing to live out my dream for the next seven months!

If you are having trouble picking a goal here are some ideas:

1. get more sleep

2. break bad habits

3. eat healthier

4. volunteer

5. manage time

6. get in the gym

7. travel more

8. be nice

9. be positive

10. try new things

11. spend more time with loved ones

12. sign up for your state, country, or regional International pageant ;)

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible.” - Audrey Hepburn

Jules Fletcher
Miss Teen International 2015


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