Traditions That Fit Your Family

Traditions in our family are very important, however, finding the time to incorporate everything that you run across on Pinterest these days can leave you feeling rather overwhelmed. I feel like as a mother, that I put a lot of unnecessary stress on myself during such a special time of the year. Often times I find myself trying to do or plan too much for the sake of our children because I want them to be able to experience it all! I feel like if another family enjoys doing it, surely ours will too.

I came across an article recently in my MOPs newsletter that discussed choosing Christmas traditions that fit your family and how to decide on what to say yes to and what to say no to. Most importantly not saying yes to every single thing on Pinterest.

Something OLD- Say yes to a few traditions passed down from previous generations. This develops a sense of heritage. Choose one from each side of your family, if possible. Such as decorating the Christmas tree together or doing an advent calendar beginning on December 1.

Something NEW- Start new traditions for your own family. This could be something as simple as buying ornaments for your tree from places that you have traveled together throughout the year. When you decorate your family tree together, you will be able to look back and reminisce on the memories from your trips together.

Something BORROWED- Just because something didn’t originate in your family doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Again, Pinterest has a plethora of ideas that you can check out. Which brings me to my next point.

NOTHING Blue- Christmas isn’t a time to stress about. Don’t feel overwhelmed with incorporating too many traditions and certainly if certain traditions are beginning to make you feel anything less than cheery, get rid of them or try again another year.

Christmas traditions can build so many wonderful memories for your children and family that will be cherished for years to come. By learning to say yes or no, we can hopefully reclaim the joy and peace surrounding such a magical season.

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