Breast Cancer Research

I wanted to share a story that inspired me recently regarding the breast cancer research front. It always seems like a pretty daunting task to “change the world” as just a little “me.” But that’s what we all hope to do, right!? We give $20 to a charity and wonder if it really helps. We share our story with another person & question if that’s enough. After learning about the partnership with the National Breast Cancer Foundation & ACE Cash Express, my faith in the little “me” is restored!

People who use ACE Cash Express helped to raise $522,643 for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. And how did they do that, you ask? Each time a customer uses the card, a percentage of the transaction is donated to the foundation. Just goes to show us that EACH of us can help in a small way that adds up to big things!

So keep buying those products that give a percentage to Susan G Komen, donate a dollar (or 5!) at the grocery store check-out, & keep wearing that pink, ladies!! What we do as individuals DOES make a difference!

But let’s get real, sometimes we don’t have an extra $5 to donate & who is going to wear pink every single day? We all love our pink, but come on! So here is something that you can do all day every day – visit & click to give free mammograms! That’s it!

Ashley Smith

For more information about the wonderful things the National Breast Cancer Foundation is doing, visit


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