Pageant Tip for Nationals #2 – Paperwork

Your paperwork is the Judge’s first impression of you. It must be impeccable. As far as the application goes, it must be neatly typed and have correct spelling and grammar. I would recommend having someone else double check it so that you have a second set of eyes on it. Make certain that what is listed on the paperwork is consistent and accurate information and, most importantly, true. Questions from the Judges for your interview will come directly from what is on the application and platform sheets. Know the information inside out- never embellish- the Judges will see through it.

The platform sheet is very important. It is a way to introduce you and your platform to the Judges. You want to stand out. I recommend using Susan Botek of Bowtech Designs for your paperwork. I was thrilled with the beautiful platform sheet she created for me. You will have to provide your own photo (professional one please) as well as the text. If you have additional photos of you in action working your platform, you can supply these to Susan as well. She is a wonderful graphic designer and artist. Make sure NOT TO laminate your paperwork or to attach ribbons, pins or bows.

Do not wait until the last minute. Susan is highly sought after and she books up early. She can also design a beautiful ad for the program book and wonderful autograph cards, but again, plan to get her everything by the beginning of May at the latest to lock in your spot. I must say for the professional job that she does, we were pleasantly surprised by the reasonableness of her services.

Susan Botek can be reached via email at or via phone at (419) 244-1811.

Juliana McKee


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