Carolina International Pageants

The 2011 Carolina International Pageants Workshop was held at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Charlotte, NC on Jan 30th and I am SO appreciative that Joy and her queens invited me to be a special guest for the day!

The day started off with SHOPPING!!! At 10am vendors filled the halls with jewelry, handbags, cakes, wardrobe and more! If you came away without shopping…you deserve an award!!

It was such a treat seeing my Carolina sister queens who I truly adore. I have known sweet Cynthia for many years and I must say our friendship has grown so much since July 2010! I love her dearly and she will go down in history as AN AMAZING Mrs. NC International who has WORKED her cause daily….

Cynthia is also THE BEST Mary Poppins EVER! If you live around the Charlotte area, please get a copy of Little Ones Magazine. Halle-Grace & Mary Poppins are featured inside. The article is simply SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS!

From Little Ones Magazine

Mrs. SC Intl. is my dancing queen and I wouldn’t have made it through the week without her at Nationals! She had me laughing the entire time! She is a delight and her VOICE continues to speak loudly for children who otherwise would not have a voice. Her work with CASA is admirable! The Teen & Miss Queens seem like they have matured 10 years since accepting their titles a year ago. After winning the title of Mrs. International last July, I traveled home to work for a few days, then back to Chicago to see the crowning of Miss/Miss Teen International. I will never forget the Carolina girls. They made me so proud! Each one represented the Carolinas with impeccable style and charisma!

More about the workshop:

Joy Pfister, the amazing leader and coach behind the Carolina International Pageants is a CLASS act in every way! I met Joy in 2008 in Chicago and immediately fell in love with her laugh, her fast talking (haha), her level of professionalism, and above all, the LOVE she had for the International Pageant! After competing and making the Top Ten in 2008, she has taken her experience and love for an amazing program and helps not 1 but 6 women get to Chicago each summer! She’s superwoman!

During the workshop, attendees had the opportunity to learn more about the International Pageant System, *Q and A Session with the titleholders *Expo SHOPPING at the Expo *Fashion Show Presentation

*Opening number wardrobe and a sneak peak of what they will perform for the audience on pageant night, presented by official choreographer *Makeup Seminar by Dana L Cosmetics *Stage and Interview Coaching *Walking and Presentation * Platform Development *Sponsorships…and much, much more!!!

If you are interested in becoming a Carolina International Queen, please contact Joy today!

Shannon Devine 


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