Children's Memorial Hospital

While I was in Chicago recently, I got to visit Children’s Memorial Hospital. The hospital had advertised my appearance with flyers around the building, so there were so many children that were excited to meet a “princess!” How lucky am I??

I met a few children under 10 who came down from their rooms for pictures & autographs, but the majority of my time spent at the hospital was with teenagers!

The Brown Family Life Center has a whole room dedicated to Teens & the activities Teens enjoy – they call it the Teen Lounge. There are cabinets filled with craft projects to work on, a whole bookshelf of board games, books, a foosball table, darts, and even a jukebox! There are also all 3 of the popular gaming system (PS3, Xbox, Wii) so the children can feel at home!

I sat & chatted with some of the children as they worked on decorating masks! They had the option of leaving it in the lounge to put on display or taking it back to their room with them. One of the girls (who was 13, LOVED glitter, & reminded me so much of myself!) made one of the masks for me, complete with a crown! We decided to leave it in the Lounge to be on display!

Of course pictures are not allowed, but I did request that I be able to take of picture of the wonderful masterpiece my new friend had made! I had such a wonderful time with these children, and our contact at the hospital said the Teen Lounge has never been so full! I am so excited to be able to return in July when I am in Chicago again!

Ashley Smith


  1. What a wonderful gift for you and the children to be able to spend time together :) I am so proud of you!


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