National Wear Red Day - My Personal Story Shared

Five years ago, I found myself sitting in the Heart Center waiting room at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, NC with my best friend's family & loved ones. Just sitting & waiting for the phone to ring! It was one of the scariest days of my life. Worry and anxiety cannot begin to describe how frightened and shocked I felt on that day, January 17, 2006.

Was this really happening? HOW? WHY? How in the world can my best friend, my college roommate, the person I've shared every fear, trial, many laughs and in the world can this be happening. She's too young and she's perfectly healthy!

I had to come to terms quickly with the fact and harsh reality that just because someone's heart is made of GOLD, doesn't keep it free from heart disease!

That day changed not only Brandi Hoffman's life forever but my own! Talk about a wake up call! Thank God she noticed the subtle changes in her body that didn't seem "quite right". If she would have continued life as usual, she could have been 1 in 3...

My hope is you hear my story today! Please take my message and take action! Make it your mission to fight heart disease in women, women like my best friend, Brandi Hoffman.

Heart disease kills a woman every minute BUT there's hope!!! WE CAN do something to stop this! 80% of cardiac events in women may be prevented!

Just imagine if we all make it our personal mission to Stop the #1 killer. The fact that 90% of women have one or more risk factor and research proves women who GO RED are more likely to make healthy choices in their lives on a daily basis... Listen to these facts about women who have changed their life by GOing RED....1/3 have lost weight, 6 of 10 have changed their diets, and 50% report they have increased their exercise routine.

Minutes are passing...heart disease continues to take the lives of our best friends, our mothers, our daughters...there is NO time to spare! Make it your mission today! Tell 5 women you want them to live!

Heart disease is the #1 killer of women age 20 and over and takes more lives than the next 5 causes of death combined, including all cancers!

5 years ago was a dark day, but today, my best friend, Brandi is happy, healthy and spends her time educating youth! She loves her job and her students adore her. Her heart is still made of GOLD...but today it's healthy and that's what matters most! You can possess all of the gold in the world but it can't buy you time and sadly, it can't bring back loved ones who have lost their lives to this deadly disease.

Together we can STOP the #1 killer.


Tell 5 women you love you want them to live and lead by example.

*REPRESENT-register for movement
*GO RED- wear pin in support
*SHARE- your story, your experience. Speak up nationwide for women's heart health
*VOLUNTEER-find your local affiliate
*GIVE: Make a donation
*CHANGE: your lifestyle go red heart checkup
* a voice!!! Tell 5 today!

Shannon Devine


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