Crazy for Criss Angel

One of my favorite magicians was performing in Vegas while I was in town, and I got to see him! I’ve been watching Criss Angel’s television show for as long as I can remember. I was elated and bouncing off the walls to see him live!

We got tickets our first night in Vegas! I couldn’t bare to wait 3 days until I saw the show, but I managed!

As I walked through the entrance, Criss Angel’s motorcycles were lined up down the halls. He had so many!

I got an official Criss Angel cup the night of the show! Thanks for getting it for me, Dad!

Inside the auditorium, the stage was set with all kinds of mystical props. The atmosphere was so intense; everyone was on edge to see the Magician of the Century!

One of Criss’s first acts was getting himself out of a straight jacket in 30 seconds, while hanging upside down! He was right above us, so I got to see his every move! So cool!


In one of Criss Angel’s shows on TV, he walked on these very nails! It was so bizarre to see the screen come to real life when I saw these!

Thank you so much to my dad for getting us tickets to go see Criss. It was an experience I will never forget!

Jurnee Carr


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