Fun in the Sun

Boy, were we pampered in Arizona! My corporate sponsor GAAM, Inc. sent us off to Scottsdale for a week where we got a taste of the desert! We stayed in the Four Seasons Resort where we did everything from a spa day to a Pink Jeep tour!

Feeling like a movie star the way we were treated!

One night we went to an amazing iPic theater where we were served dinner in recliners while watching Men in Black 3!

We also went on a dolly steamboat around Canyon Lake!

One of the coolest things was watching the Arizona Diamondbacks play pro baseball in the owner’s suite! I love watching sports so this was right in my ballpark! And I saw my first grand slam! So cool!

The Pink Jeep Tour was a blast! We got to seem some amazing views!

The very last night we had a party at the owner’s ranch. We got to cruise around in their Auburn!

Arizona was so much fun! Thanks to GAAM, Inc. for treating me like a queen!

Jurnee Carr


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