Donating to Arizona Humane Society

While in Arizona, I was able to visit the state’s largest non-profit animal rescue group. The Arizona Humane Society is one of the nicest facilities I have ever seen. From a spay/neuter clinic to a training area, they have it all! Parks, stables, education rooms, and a gift shop are just a few of the things the AHS has to offer.

This little guy got adopted while I was there! Yay!

An astounding walkway that goes from the main building to the horse stables. The bricks were engraved with the names of people who have donated. I am excited to have a brick of my own there!

I got to tour the facility where animals from bunnies to goats took refuge. They get hundreds (yes, hundreds) of animals in a day (yes, DAY!). I am still blown away at how they do it all!

Writing the check for a donation!

It was an honor to donate to the largest animal rescue group in the state of Arizona. I know they will continue to do amazing works and end the cycle of inhumanity in Arizona.

Jurnee Carr


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