It's a Dry Heat!

Las Vegas was quite the trip! But I really dug deep into the desert when I headed out to Arizona with my corporate sponsor-GAAM, Inc. I went from humidity to dust in less than 4 hours! Hey-it’s a dry heat!

I will be writing a few blogs about my experience there. First I would like to begin with the scenery! When I hear desert, I envision an old western where two men are having a standoff and tumbleweed rolls through. That is not necessarily the case! Arizona had some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen!

Saddle up partner!

A few hours after we landed, it was time for horseback riding! Peggy Sue was such a good horse and very fun to ride!

I also did some hiking in Sedona, AZ. The terrain was much like mine from back home, but still had that beautiful desert vibe about it!

Can you see me??

Arizona had some of the most breath taking views. It may be a dry heat, but the beauty of the mountains out shines the sun!

Jurnee Carr


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