Difference Makers

Well friends, this is going to be a long one:) This has literally taken me weeks to write because of how important each of these people are to me. They were my difference makers and now I am also blessed to call each of them friends. Over the years and important lesson I learned was to also to always to teachable. Are you ready? So excited for all of you, ENJOY this journey and make every second count!

I truly look at the Mrs. International 2014 journey as not just one or two years of preparation, but a 20 year journey culminating to July 26th, 2014. All of life’s circumstances and experience pulled together and made possible by having the right team. I also realized the same principles from building arenas and stadiums could be applied.

Here are the business principles that lead to internationally recognized construction projects put on my heart to apply to the Mrs. International 2014 journey.

Designing large athletic venues is quite the endeavor and typically takes a few years, even up to a decade of planning to make a project successful. We always say “Measure twice, cut once”…in other words, do the work it takes to prepare so you can execute successfully.

When we design facilities, here are action items to start the process:
  • Evaluating the possibilities
  • We consider what will be our goals and objectives
  • Determine who the stakeholders are
  • What is the ultimate outcome to achieve
How this applied to competing for Mrs. International 2014:

Evaluating: Initially when hearing about the International Pageant system in March of 2013, I went in to research mode. What was I looking for? I wanted to know if it was legitimate and if it had a purpose behind it. Check and Check. I scoured the internet looking at the entire history if the pageant and saw the positive impact previous titleholders were able to have. 28 years of celebrating women is a testament to the integrity of International Pageants. I realized what was possible to change lives.

My objective is to love people and my goal was to do so with Soles4Souls as Mrs. International 2014.

My stakeholders are Soles4Souls.
Ultimate outcome to achieve was to create opportunities to love others and wear out poverty by becoming Mrs. International 2014.

First person on my list to call: Suzy Bootz. I had to become a more effective communicator about my platform. My most terrifying moment when first competing: Making Top 15 when the judges asked me the on stage question “Your platform is Never Give Up….”, heard that tagline before from me before right? So what was the problem? It wasn’t my platform!!! I was mortified, and was able to “pull off” an answer. Note to self, you should represent your platform living it day in and day out, the judges have no question what it is. Next step after that….you need to be able to communicate effectively and remember “Your Why”. Now I have soaked in every page of Suzy’s book, but there is no substitute for working with her one on one. I adore Suzy and when you work with her…you will too and become a better person in life from it.

Next person(s) to call? The dynamic duo Clay Spann and Joey Rutherford from Competitive Image. Branding yourself is important and I needed to have a world class headshot and wardrobe that represented not only me, but the level that the International Pageants represents. We are a global system, and I needed to stand out and not worry about having “The right outfit” so I could stay focused on working with my platform. Let’s be honest here….I’m a girl who grew up with older brothers and have been surrounded by boys my whole life. It would be an understatement to say I needed hair and makeup training from Clay! Thanks to him, I could make work with my platform through the year always knowing how to be ready to greet the public and media.

It is never too early to plan ahead and I contacted Thomas Dunn Studios before 2013 was even over to book my makeup and tans. Being at the venue relieves so much pressure from hauling stuff back and forth! I had worked with them my first time competing all week and for a girl who grew up with brothers, I know my skill set is not best served in hair and makeup. I wanted to be 100% ready every day and have peace in knowing I would walk out the door looking and feeling my best! Plus, their team is HILARIOUS and when your nerves are going, you will need a room full of laughter ☺

Susan Botek nailed how to translate my platform page. That is your first impression to the judges about your platform, and even though I had a background in graphic, Susan has the background experience in communicating platforms I needed. It is important to know your strengths and weaknesses and even what might be your strength…well, might just not be in other scenarios.

Last, but certainly not least is the ultimate difference makers….Chelsea Altman and AT Dunn from Toned to Win. With such a strong athletic background why did I work with them? Because I was competing for Mrs. International, not running the 400 hurdles in a national championship. Two totally different types of shape. My family and I are super big on healthy living and AT helped totally re-shape my thinking, especially being able to use the Perfect Plate for eating like clock work. The week of the pageant when I did not have any miracle diet the last few days or had to run circles to get the “last few pounds” off. I was ready. Chelsea put on the final finish’s touch’s with hours of walking practice and accessorizing me to a T. I love them to bits!!

Best part was, I got to fine tune my skills at the trunk show, DONT MISS OUT on going! Save the date now ☺

Good luck on your journey. How will you imagine it?

Live what you Love,

Your Mrs. International 2014



  1. Love your quote - I love seeing wonderful women succeed... I know you will have an amazing year and I will always remember standing next to you when it began. You are amazing and I am proud to call you my pageant sister.


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