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Travel is a big part of what we do as International Pageant titleholders raising awareness for our platforms, but it can be a complete diet killer if you do not have a plan in place and the right tools to stay on track. Since part of my platform with Soles4Souls is running to bring visibility for them, it is extremely critical to maintain my meal plans put in place by AT Dunn from Toned To Win. The better I perform racing, the more funds that are raised and better visibility for Soles4Souls. With a heavy travel schedule, how do I do it?

Below is a picture of my travel “essentials” when driving, and it is similar when flying as well. After spending 65 hours on a road trip to San Diego recently, it can be easy to get a snack craving and the road signs look reallllllllly tempting with well-known food franchises at the end of the exit’s. Here are my three key essentials when traveling to stay on track to a healthy life style!

1: Bring your Perfect Plate! Traveling is tiresome and who wants to calculate calories…who ever wants to calculate calories actually☺?! The Perfect Plate makes it so easy to keep on track with your meal plan and stay consistent.

2: Pack your own snacks from a grocery store. This not only saves you extra calories from convenience foods, but saves money. As you travel you will learn what travels well and what does not, but bring bags of spinach with me on planes, pack carrots and apples (unfortunately on planes I have learned the hard way bananas do not travel well!) I do not like relying on other people for anything, and this one has saved me when being stuck on a tarmac for hours, layovers and long bus rides to shoe distributions instead of counting on always having food as a readily available resource to purchase on my travels.

3: Hydrate. AT Dunn always says “Water, lots and lots and lots of water”, so I bring lots…..and lots….and lots of water. Sometimes out hunger signals might just be thirst. Traveling can wear down your body and it is important to always be hydrated. Water is the best energy drink you can ever have….did you know that? I do not drink coffee, soda, alcohol and only a limited amount of juice. Milk and water are my main sources to hydrate and it keeps my energy levels high, and my body ready to receive the necessary calories to keep me fueled.

Stay Healthy and Safe Travels!!

Live What You Love,

Your Mrs. International 2014



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