Honoring Adam

The morning was beautiful and as I observed the crowd, all ages were chattering. The mood was lively and smiles for miles. This year almost 2,000 runners attended the 4th annual Run to Overcome hosted by Bryan LGH and honoring Adam Zetterman.

One person commits suicide every 40 seconds -- more than all the yearly victims of wars and natural disaster (http://news.yahoo.com/one-person-commits-suicide-every-40-seconds-101727279.html)

This summer after being crowned Mrs. International 2014 as the news articles came out and I had the opportunity to share about losing my brother and best friend to suicide, a woman named Cindy Zetterman sent me a beautiful message and invited me to attend and speak at the event she helped create in honor of her son Adam, whom she lost 4 years ago to depression. We have been messaging each other back and forth in support of one another and before we event met in person, I could feel her warmth and energy through the emails.

When the day of the event same I saw a cheerful woman with arms open walking across the field and I knew it was her. As our arms wrapped around each other for a greeting, it was like seeing a long lost friend. We understand each other and we understand turning pain in to a passion to help others.

Since the Bryan LGH Run to Overcome started 4 years ago, they have been able to raise thousands of dollars for education on mental illness and depression. The race has been very well attended and is growing each year as people not only honor Adam, but loved ones they know who are impacted by depression and illness or people fighting the battle themselves.

With staggering statistics of people making the devastating decision to take their lives, events like this are critical to communities for awareness, education and so people know they are not alone in their fight. To find out more about the race, visit their facebook page.


I am extremely honored Cindy and Bryan LGH allowed me to be a part of this event. It is personal to my heart and I hope we had a positive impact on many that day with many, many futures ahead of those who attended.

Serving as the keynote speaker to nearly 2,000 runners and handing out awards, the 2014 Run to Overcome was a success thanks to Ashley Schroeder and Cindy Zetterman along with many other volunteers

Meeting some of the participants

Handing out awards post-race 

One of my favorite parts of the day was greeting each child who did the kids race at the finish line congratulating them on a great effort

Live What You Love,

Your Mrs. International 2014



  1. Ty for supporting such a huge and necessary cause. This is my platform as well. And men5al illness has effected me and my family from early on. As has it impacted many friends and family members. Ty for helping to raise awareness.


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